Transfer of Equity

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A transfer of equity is common place when a couple split up and one party wishes to take over the marital home on their own and therefore wants to release the other party from the property/mortgage.

An example of a transfer of equity would be the following, say a couple decide to split and the marital home is worth £200.000 with a current mortgage of £150.000 this means that the equity in the property is £50.000, now if both clients have agreed to split the equity fifty/fifty then subject to status/income,  the party who wants to stay in the property either approaches their existing lender and request a further advance to pay their partner out and also asks the lenders permission to take the other partner off the current mortgage or remortgage to another lender in their own name solely.

A solicitor will deal with the transfer of equity which entails the party who wishes to come off the property signing a transfer form, saying that they wish the other party to have all the equity in the property and relinquish their right to any further interest in the property.

Where the other party is being paid an amount of the equity to come off the property then normally their solicitor will hold the transfer form until the money has been transferred to their client, at that time the other solicitor will send the transfer form to land registry so the property can be registered in the client’s sole name.

Costs do fluctuate depending on the solicitor you use but the average cost is in the region of £270, for further information contact a member of our team.

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